Image Claims/Image Reporting

If you see an image that might not be appropriate you can now send me an image claim. There will be a small red circle with a white exclamation mark in it below the thumbnail in each image's detail view. Simply click that button and it will open a form where you can let me know why you think the image should be removed.

Keep in mind that I have created all images with subjects that appear (to me) to be 18 or older, but if you find one that sits borderline I hope you will tell me so I can remove the image to comply with applicable laws in most areas.

Also keep in mind that just because you make a claim for something that appears (to you) to have a subject under the age of 18, does not necessarily mean that I'm going to remove it. I will simply review it and decide for myself whether it should be removed or not.

Sending image claims is different than leaving a comment about the image. If you want to leave a comment on an image, simply write your comment in the space provided below the thumbnail image.

Thank you for your continued devotion and patronage to my content!

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