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I have disabled hotlinking of my images. If you want to link to one or more of the images on this website, I ask that you:

a) download it and save it to your server and link directly to the image on your server

b) give me proper credit for the image with a link back to https://aiphotos.dansmith.ca. It can't be all that difficult to add a link back to my site.


Here 's why I think this is important:

What is Hotlinking?

Hotlinking, also known as inline linking, direct linking, or leeching, is a practice where someone uses a hyperlink to display an image, video, or other type of files from one website on another website. Instead of hosting the multimedia content on their own server, the website owner links directly to the file on another server. This means that when a visitor accesses the website where the hotlinked content is embedded, the file is loaded from the original server, consuming its bandwidth and resources.

Hotlinking can cause several issues for the website owner whose content is being hotlinked:

Bandwidth Theft

Hotlinking uses the original website's bandwidth without their permission. This can lead to increased server costs for the website owner if they have to pay for the extra bandwidth usage.

Decreased Website Performance

When a website's bandwidth is being consumed by hotlinking, it can slow down the loading time of the website for both the website owner and the visitors.

Content Control

The original website owner loses control over how their content is being used, displayed, or potentially modified on other websites.

To prevent hotlinking, website owners can employ techniques such as configuring their server to block requests from external websites, using hotlink protection tools, or displaying alternative content (such as an error message or a different image) when someone tries to hotlink their files.

Revenue Theft

Aside from costing the owner in bandwidth, by hotlinking their files you may be undermining their revenue source. Many websites may depend on revenue from advertisements, and the said advertisements are usually not placed in the files themselves, but in the html page where the files are linked to or displayed (e.g. a software developer may depend on revenue from ads on their download page, but not on ads in the actual software). By bypassing the html page, you could also bypass advertisements, and thus, deprive them of revenue.

Why block hotlinking?

It is considered especially rude to hotlink images or other embedded assets without crediting the author (which many people do). Not only are you plagiarizing their content, you are also doing so in a way that (may) use their resources and deprive them of revenue.


Even though I have no advertising, I kindly ask that you do not hotlink my images and if you decide to post one or more of my images on your site, please give me and my site credit and at the very least let me know where you have posted my images. You can email me with the details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you very much.


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