• Guest: "So cute! Both of them!"
  • Guest: "So hot, and no underwear! Would love to run my hands down his pants!"
  • Guest: "Wonderful use of glass reflections. I love this!"
  • Guest: "Absolutely beautiful. Sexy without being x-rated.Well done!"
  • Guest: "Fuck that's a hot pose!"
  • Guest: "What a sexy pose! Love those tight leather pants!"
  • Guest: "That's how Homer would look like in a serious movie. Brilliant!"
  • Guest: "This is the perfect hookup. Lift his ball sac and have him spread and shift a bit to give you a perfect shot to tongue and finger his boi hole. Then fuck him or vice versa. Or both! Both sounds best to me because that thick cock will make you quiver. Get two orgasms yourself and see what you can do for him. Pure lust. Satisfied. For now…"
  • Guest: "Get high first. Then a thick cock fuck can be perfect heaven."
  • Guest: "He’ll let you do what you want. Roll him over on his belly"
  • Guest: "Inhale deeply as you fondle and lick. Use your fingers too. Make love to those balls.Tongue and finger him. Taste him. Salty. Breathe him in. Musky."
  • Guest: "My favorite is “prone bone”, but we need soft place for him to lie."
  • Guest: "If we have a nice blanket, that ass is going to be pure pleasure for us both."
  • Guest: "There is no way to get enough perfect cock. And there is no way to fuck enough perfect young ass."
  • Guest: "Ready and looking for a guy on the young side. Satisfaction guaranteed."
  • Guest: "So ready"
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