If you like what I've been creating, I think I'm getting good enough to take requests!  Let me know what you would like to see. For example, give me some or all of the following criteria. The more detail you give me, the better your request will turn out:

  1. Subject - describe who or what the subject is
  2. Environment - where is the subject in the image? What objects surround the subject, or what room is the subject in?
  3. Location - where is the location of the image? e.g. A large Antebellum mansion in the Louisiana Bayou.
  4. What is the subject doing? Describe an action or actions that the subject is performing.
  5. What is the subject wearing?  Describe what the subject (if a person) is wearing (or not).
  6. Is the subject looking at or away from the person taking the picture (or camera)?
  7. Describe the subject's emotions or gestures
  8. Describe the style of the image, for example, mood, aesthetics that I should adhere to.
  9. Provide an example prompt. For example:
    1. "Generate an image of a peaceful lakeside cabin at sunrise with warm, golden hues" will produce a similar image to this:
    2. "Create an image of a futuristic cityscape with flying cars and neon-lit skyscrapers" will produce a similar image to this:
    3. "Produce a portrait of a young man wearing 18th-century attire, holding a book while standing in a library" will produce a similar image to this:

The effectiveness of the AI image or images I create for you often depends on the quality of the AI model used and the clarity of the instructions you provide.

Keep in mind that I cannot produce the SAME image more than once, nor can I create an image with someone you know personally. The AI does not know what to do with a picture of you or your dog, it only surmises what the end result should look like but it will not be a picture of you or your dog, though the end result will just look similar.

I can generate up to 5 images per request and email them to you, or post them on the site.

Please note, I cannot and will not do sexualized versions of celebrities so please do not ask me to do this.

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